Modern and flexible Escort CMS that puts you in total Control! And gives you more customization options than any other Escort Directory/Agency Website script.

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At Ezy Escorts we believe in freedom and putting You in Control!
Just because you don't know how to write code or don't have $50,000 or more to spend on a custom escort directory development, doesn't mean you don't have ideas or desire to change things...or, have to settle for anything less than the latest technologies.


Vistors to your site want and need to have a great user experience regardless of device they use to get there or what language they speak. Ezy Escorts looks and works great on Desktop, Tablet or Mobiles. And it speaks 52 languages!


For years we've been the leaders in Escort Script market with very popular and highly praised Ezy Escorts v2.
Now we set the benchmark once again with our latest release and next generation of escort website software, Ezy Escorts v3!


Built on powerful foundations! Drupal 7, same foundations as The White House and (Drupal 6), internationally known escort directory based in US, as well as, Twitter! developers website.
Also utilizing Twitter Bootstrap, the most popular front-end framework developed by Twitter developers!
By using these two powerful foundations we delivered a level of security and latest browser technologies previously unseen in Escort Directory and Agency Software!


  • Easy to use
  • Add new, delete, edit fields, unlimited pages, custom text on any page, unlimited Photo upload and automated web processing with watermarks and customizable photo dimensions.
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Built by specialist developer with hands on industry experience.
  • Regular updates, support, and new releases 
  • Flexibility and customizability
  • Automated or semi automated escort classifieds management
  • Unlimited classifieds pricing packages with smart upgrade sub packages
  • Customizable upgrade to higher advertising plan driven landing pages
  • Mobile Friendly out of the box, only manage one site and have 3 sites, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile using system recommended by Google
  • Semi Automated Escort CMS with some Artificial intelligence
  • Support for 52 languages and 146 currencies!
  • Second to none on page SEO (automated for escort profiles), SEF friendly url's (customizable)
  • Extend features with 7,000 plus Free Drupal modules
  • Change design with many free or premium custom templates available for around $50
  • Customizable adult warning pop up window splash or static page
  • Special customer only section of the site with detailed video and illustrated tutorials plus (unique) escort directory how to build and make money from experienced directory owner.
  • In a nutshell TOTAL control and ability to build a completely custom directory normally priced at 50,000 or more, at fraction of that price.