Ezy Escorts Software

Powerful and fully customisable escort directory and agency CMS delivered with beautifuly designed and fully customizable templates.

Beautiful Escort Script with drag and drop Apps

Total Control

At Ezy Escorts we believe in freedom so we made it easy to customize Everything from Admin UI – without writing a bunch of code!

Get it right from the Start!

Ezy Escorts Software is so much more than just another classifieds template. Because how an escort directory website works is just as important as, how it looks!

Escort Directories on Autopilot

Easy and fully automated escort sign up and listing creation forms that you can customize to your hearts content.

Drag and Drop Apps

Use drag and drop tools to create new or change built in escort profile layouts, and awesome dynamic pages with your custom blocks and views.

Full Demo Content Included

Quick start your escort directory from a fully featured demo! Whether you want to leave everything the same or you're looking to customise everything and add new fields,layouts,colours... it's just nice to start with a template.

Advanced Customisation Options

Add unlimited new fields, pages, blocks with text, photo, banners or videos... or just edit the default ones provided with demos.
Our platinum package templates come with 200+ theme settings making customisation easy and fun. 

Fully Responsive Layout

We took the awesome Bootstrap Framework and built all of our Escort Templates around this familiar and well documented grid system. This gives visitors to your site a great user experience from both Mobile and Desktop devices.

Unlimited Colors

Platinum package themes come with 20+ adjustable colour settings giving you the freedom to design anything with stunning colour schemes. No talent for design? No problem - iBordello platinum theme comes with some popular color scheme settings built in. 

Leading-Edge Photo Options

Escorts can upload unlimited or limited number of photos. All photos are automatically optimised for web, with or without watermarks to customisable photo dimensions and unlimited styles.

PageSpeed Optimised

With powerful image optimisation tools, page caching and compression built in, one thing is for certain - we know how to create blazingly fast escort websites. Page load speed matters to both visitors and Google.

Site-wide and Escort Blogs + Forums

There is nothing Google loves more than fresh content. Turn on site-wide and user blogs and forums for free fresh content and user engagement.

Optional Escort Reviews

Depending on country or your own personal preferences you can disable or enable escort reviews!
They are included by default but - its up to you.

Header & Sidebars Layout Styles

Adjust to any layout you want including 1 or 2 sidebars. Sidebars left or right, or both. Normal, fixed or sticky header. Then add banners and any content blocks you want, per page or site-wide.

Bootstrap and Drupal foundations

Some other scripts create a blackbox of proprietary front end tools with no documentation. At Ezy Escorts everything is based on well documented Drupal and Bootstrap platforms.

Advanced Spam Protection

Did you know even small escort directory websites experience between 30-40 spam user registrations - per day!? Would you really want to waste your time manually blocking these attacks on daily basis?Our CMS has advanced automated protection against such attacks.

Twitter sign up and Auto Tweets

Due to its liberal policy on adult content Twitter is the Social Network choice for Escorts, and a lot of their business comes from twitter. That is why it only makes sense to have Twitter sign up and log in, as well as automated new and updates Escort Profile tweets. * included in platinum packages only

 Proven security and reliability

Our Directory software is built on Drupal foundations, same foundations trusted by The White House and many world government website's. Not only does this mean your escort directory security has been tested by world's leading security agencies but also a huge pool of Drupal users and developers world wide. Its also 100% compatible with more than 12000 FREE add on's - that's something custom software simply can't compete with.

Protect Your Business

Your site data is the most valuable business asset you can possibly have. Don't rely on your hosting providers backup as those can be lost too - protect your business and your income using our scheduled data backups offsite which can send your database straight to your inbox. Better twice safe than once sorry!

SEO Optimized

Manual or ajdustable, preconfigured, meta tags generation.We have seen client websites raise to the top without even doing any link building. Your visitors will love iBordello and Google will love it too!

Automated location page creation.

There is nothing search engines hate more than crawling empty pages - that's why we built in an option to enable new location page generation as soon as an escort from that location has created a listing.

Benefit From Our Experience

Created by specialist developer with hands on industry experience our CMS is built around proven strategies for starting and making money from an escort directory.

Terrific Support

We have 8+ years of excellent record in providing our customers not only with excellent support but also  continuous development and creative improvements in our escort CMS software.